Ali Kaafarani

Ali Kaafarani

I am a senior software engineer located in Copenhagen, Denmark. I currently work on Caffeine, a unique tool which brings computer-aided design into the realm of metabolic engineering.

As the DD-DeCaF research project nears its end in early 2020, our learnings and findings will live on as part of the biotech start-up metabolyzer. Read more about our endeavours at the BioInnovation Institute or watch our demo day pitch.

Previously, I was employed by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT), and I was a core contributor to a number of their open source projects. I love open source and also personally run a handful of small side projects. Most of these are published on gitlab or github, and once in a while I will ask or answer a question on stack overflow.

Other open source projects I have contributed to include memote, a genome-scale metabolic model test suite published in 2019 in Nature Biotechnology. A presentation of my humble career in academia is available on ORCID.

Although I'm not actively looking for new work at the moment, I can be open to discuss new business opportunities. Read my story, connect on linkedin or contact me on

I use Trello on a daily basis to implement a GTD-inspired productivity methodology, in order to organize and keep track of everything from mundane household chores to major life goals. This lets me prioritize and engage with the appropriate topics or issues at any time, without losing perspective and the capacity to integrate and adapt to new information. This has profoundly improved my personal productivity and I heartily recommend both the methodology, and Trello as a fitting implementation tool.

Some of my life-long passions include snowboarding, splitboarding, cross-country skiing and mountain hiking. It's not all outdoors and adrenaline though; I try to make time to read books, and have accumulated a short list of favorites. Additionally, I've loved playing video games since I was 5 years old, and at this point, I don't think I will ever outgrow them.